Square One Vodka Bergamot


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A Mediterranean Jewel…

Square One Bergamot, takes the vibrant taste of bergamot citrus and layers it with mandarin, tangerine and navel oranges. We then add herbal warmth of ginger, coriander and juniper botanicals to create an orange inspired spirit with greater depth and character than what is typically found among “flavored” vodkas on the market.

Bergamot orange, predominantly grown along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is a hidden gem among citrus fruits and is most widely recognized as what gives Earl Grey tea its signature floral notes.  This is a fan favorite and is delicious with our Pink Daisy pomegranate cocktail mix.

93 Points, Beverage Tasting Institute 2015

750ML | 40% Alcohol by Volume

Cocktail Suggestion:  Our Bergamot vodka pairs perfectly with our Pink Daisy pomegranate cocktail mix and club soda for a sunny spritzy cocktail.